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Rebit Personal Backup Review 2019

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Backups are in increasing demand and there definitely is no shortage of backup software options out there.

The objective of a backup solution is to get your system up and running as soon as possible. This has become important as Hackers are getting good at creating new ransomware by exploiting system weaknesses. It’s so terrifying that Kaspersky in 2017 reported an attack every 40 seconds for business users and an attack every 10 seconds for consumers.  Hackers are getting good and antiviruses are not always good at keeping up with the plethora of viruses that flood the internet.

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Introduction to Rebit personal backup

Rebit offers a simple process to restore your data. You will be up and running in less than 3 clicks should your system crash. The downside being, you are expected to select which folders must be backed up by using the setup process.

Backups provide a way to safely store all your data remotely on a server far away, so if anything were to happen to your system, it would be a simple click away to restore all your data.

This was a 3-part series reviewing 3 different backup solutions – Backblaze, Carbonite and Rebit. Finally, we get to a backup solution that claims to be the most intuitive in the market.

Strengths and Weakness of Rebit

1. Ease of Use

Rebit has earned the name of being easy to use and has solidified that reputation by offering features like one-click restore. If your system hard drive were to fail or a malware locked all your data, you would be one click away from getting your system back to operational capabilities. No need to worry about downloading individual files and placing them in their folders or deciding which files to restore. It reduces a lot of manual work that was essential with Carbonite or Backblaze. When it comes to their user interface, it’s super clean and intuitive. Our test system was able to have Rebit up and running in under 5 minutes, keeping it on par with the others.

The main pain point observed, unlike Backblaze or Carbonite, you must manually configure which folders you want to backup. This wouldn’t take up more than 5 minutes although. Please note that when you create a new folder that needs to be backed up, update it in the settings section of Rebit.

2. Encryption Used

Rebit also offers security. From the documentation, all data is encrypted while in transit to the server and when stored in the server. Just like Backblaze and Carbonite, data stored can only be accessed by you. However, unlike Backblaze, Rebit does not offer personalized encryption keys. The good thing about this is you don’t need to worry about forgetting the decryption password. But if encryption keys around your data are paramount, Rebit may not be the most optimum solution. But for the everyday user encryption keys are not a necessary feature.

3. Cost

Rebit does lower the cost of subscription per month to just 4.99 dollars. The software also comes with cloud storage of 250GBs. But the good news is if you happen to use more than 250 GB (which is a huge amount of data) they do offer additional storage which can be purchased individually. This seems enough for most users as the average size of backups are around 120Gbs. An impressive thing about Rebit is it does not force you to a yearly contract. Should you feel it’s not adding value, you can simply cancel the subscription for the next month.

Our Verdict

Rebit does stand-up to its claim of being the easiest to use backup solution. Features like on one-click restore are usually difficult to incorporate as with every new file that’s uploaded to the server, creating one-click restore point gets difficult. We didn’t come across any backup solution which offers the security features provided by Rebit while still maintaining the one-click restore functionality.

We recommend Rebit for most users as the convenience with which your data can be recovered, doesn’t match any other backup solution in the market.

You can find out more about Rebit on their website here.

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