Here are some commonly asked questions regarding PC backup.

What is PC backup?

In short, PC backup is a type of software that allows you to make an extra copy of the files that you choose, whether they be document files, music files, or your entire system to a different location other than on your physical computer, should anything happen to your computer the files that you have on it will be able to be retrieved.

There are different kinds of backups that providers allow you to perform.

  1. Cloud Backup
  2. Local Backup
  3. Network Backup

Why Do I Need to Backup my PC?

If your computer or hard drive is damaged in any way; either from physical damage like a fire or flood, or virtual damage like malware PC backup allows you to restore the important files on your PC.

It can also save you money. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time and money on digital entertainment like I-tunes, movies, or paid apps. By backing up these files it can save you money should your computer get damaged.

What Features Should I Look For When Choosing a Backup Provider?

Always look for a backup software that performs regular software updates. Just like Apple comes out with new updates to its software, your backup provider should be doing the same.

Also look for a provider that has a good support team in place should you need assistance in setting up your backup or retrieving your files.


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